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Responsible gaming

OYO Hotel & Casino is committed to promoting responsible gaming. OYO Hotel & Casino recognizes that for some individuals the casino experience can become a problem. And we take that problem seriously. OYO Hotel & Casino provides information, access to resources and assistance to those who seek help.

Our Commitment to Customers & Responsible Gaming

  • Enforce Nevada Law which requires that guests must be at least 21 years of age to gamble in the
  • Provide our patrons who feel they may have a problem the option of enrolling in our Self-Limit
    Access Program, which will cancel their access to our promotional mailings and casino services
    such as credit, OYO Rewards Club privileges and check-cashing for as long a time as they desire.
  • To post and provide the general public with information addressing the subject of responsible
    gaming. This information including written materials and contact information for the 24-hour
    Problem Gambling Helpline (800-522-4700) is conveniently posted OYO Rewards Club, cashiers
    cage and cash dispensing areas.
  • To continually review our credit policies & procedures.
  • To provide ongoing education to our staff members for recognizing and understanding the
    nature and symptoms of problem gambling behaviors. Staff members are further encouraged to
    assist patrons in obtaining information about problem gambling programs.
  • Serve alcoholic beverages responsibly.
  • Monitor vigilantly to prevent underage gambling and unattended minors in our casinos.
  • To actively participate in local, state and national programs and/or organizations dealing with
    responsible gambling.

The Warning Signs of Problem Gambling

  • Gambling to escape everyday problems and worries.
  • Gambling to get money to resolve financial problems.
  • Borrowing money to gamble or to cover gambling debts.
  • Selling personal possessions to gamble or to cover gambling debts.
  • Inability to stop gambling regardless of win or loss levels.
  • Gambling until you've lost your last dollar.
  • Neglecting your job, family and self because of gambling.
  • An unhappy home life because of gambling.
  • Reluctance to use “gambling money” for necessary household expenses.
  • Feelings of hopelessness, depression or suicidal thoughts because of gambling.
    Source: Gamblers Anonymous

Gaming Myths

  1. "Lucky" people have better chances to win at gambling.
    Fact: There's no “luck” involved. Each outcome is always random.
  2. "Cold" machines that haven't paid out in a while are due to payout. 
    Fact:  The outcomes are always random, every time.
  3. "Hot" machines that have been paying off all day will likely continue paying off.
    Fact:  The outcomes are always random, every time.
  4. If you lose at first, just keep playing and you'll win it back. 
    Fact: “Chasing” a win often leads to losing more and more.
  5. Casinos cheat to get your money
    Fact: They don't have to.
  6. If you keep track of when a machine typically pays off, you can increase your chances of winning. 
     Fact: Casinos can’t set up the machines to pay at particular times of the day or week
  7. Casinos pump oxygen in to make you stay longer. 
    Fact: Casinos don’t pump oxygen in to make you stay longer and spend more.
  8. As long as you can pay your bills, your gambling problem hasn't gotten bad yet. 
    Fact: Problem gambling isn't defined by how much money you've spent, but by the fact that you continue spending time and money in spite of negative consequences.
  9. You can tell by looking at someone they have a gambling problem.
    Fact: Gambling addiction is often called the silent disorder because unlike with substance abuse, you cannot see or smell it.
  10. Gambling addiction is very rare.
    Fact.  Studies have shown that around 1% of the population has a severe gambling addiction and another 2-3% show symptoms of problem gambling.
  11. You'll never win if you don't play.
    Fact: Okay, technically not a myth, but remember the more likely mantra "You'll never lose if you don't play."
  12. If the Roulette Wheel has landed on red several times in a row, bet on black because it's due to come up. Fact: Every spin of the ball is random.

OYO Hotel & Casino’s Approach to Responsible Gaming

OYO’s goals regarding Responsible Gaming are simple. We want everyone who gambles at our casino to be there for the right reasons – to have fun. We believe that OYO has established guidelines and tools to address Responsible Gaming.

  • Uses impartial, evidence-based data to inform the development of policies, programs and procedures. OYO’s responsible gaming policy, the training that implements it, and the proactive conversations team members have with guests about their gambling habits are some of the ways we address Responsible Gaming.
  •  Provides team members with the knowledge and skills to actively recognize and respond to customer requests for Responsible Gaming-related information and referrals, as well as to recognize, respond to, and report Responsible Gaming-related incidents to Management. Our team members desire and willingness to engage guests who may be experiencing problems related to gambling has been a practice we have always used. We have tracked Responsible Gaming incidents and conducted conversations with guests about their gambling independent of any request for Responsible Gaming-related information.
  • Includes initiatives that educate people about the key principles of gambling, demonstrate how games work, offer tips on responsible play, and provide problem gambling treatment referral information and support when requested from the guest. The objective of Responsible Gaming is the informed guest. We want guests to make decisions about their gambling based on accurate and relevant information.
  •  Integrates Responsible Gaming with every aspect of the operation. Responsible Gaming programs are not simply a training course or compliance measure. Everything OYO does has to promote Responsible Gaming and it has to be a sustained effort, not just one class or a brochure. OYO takes a multi-dimensional approach to Responsible Gaming, including monthly newsletters.
  •  Provides Responsible Gaming training for all team members, with training based team members roles in the business. It is important to create awareness of the issue among all team members because every team member plays a crucial part in the company’s mission to promote Responsible Gaming. An education and awareness program helps team members understand the company’s Responsible Gaming policies and OYO’s team members roles in promoting Responsible Gaming. The most important thing that OYO can train is what team members should do, when they should do it, and how they should do it, clearly explaining the expectations and the team members individual role in the process.
  • Recognizes the importance of oral communication and “red flag” behaviors. OYO’s Responsible Gaming training primarily focuses on verbal behaviors – statements or comments that guests might make, or that others might make about them -- rather than physical behaviors. However, physical, non-verbal behaviors are not ignored. To the extent that physical behavior manifests distress or otherwise disrupts the casino floor. The company initially treats such behaviors as security or guest service issues. If in the course of resolving those issues guests make statements concerning negative effects of gambling, then those statements trigger the Responsible Gaming procedures. 
  • Develops and employs cutting edge Responsible Gaming-specific technology. Technology should not only provide automated tools for compliance with Responsible Gaming mandates, such as limits on entry or enforcing exclusion requests, but should also provide a means to offer prevention and identification tools for those guests requesting assistance. OYO has tools that identify and prevent restricted and excluded patrons from obtaining casino services, such as Responsible Gaming Identification at Slots.

Voluntary Self-Exclusion.

Responsible Gaming Exclusion

A patron can request to have all privileges, including check cashing, extension of credit,

mail, comps, OYO Reward benefits, and play privileges denied. This request will be applicable at OYO Hotel and Casino. A patron with a responsible gaming exclusion is excluded from all parts of a facility, including gaming areas, gaming floors, restaurants, hotels, pari-mutuel gaming areas, pavilions, entertainment venues, and any other parts of OYO Hotel and Casino during the period of the self-exclusion. The self-exclusion request is irrevocable during the time period selected for the exclusion.  A patron may obtain these materials from the cage cashier, or by calling OYO Hotel and Casino at 702-739-9000 for more information.

OYO Hotel & Casino encourages responsible gaming. For help and information, please call 800-522-4700. You may also visit the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling website for more information.

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